• eggs
  • cream of tartar

Cooking Instructions:

  1. To separate eggs, crack eggs one at a time and divide over a small bowl. Pour each white into a larger bowl for beating.
  2. Use stainless steel or glass bowls.
  3. Add a little cream of tartar to help stabilize the egg whites.
  4. Let chilled whites stand for thirty minutes to warm up. Or, place the bowl of chilled egg whites into a separate bowl of hot but not boiling water and stir for one or two minutes.
  5. If a recipe says to beat egg whites until “foamy” or “frothy” beat them until they form a mass of tiny clear bubbles.
  6. For “soft peaks,” beat until the whites form soft rounded peaks that droop when the beaters are lifted.
  7. For “stiff glossy peaks” beat until the whites form peaks that hold their shape when the beaters are lifted but are still moist.
  8. For adding sugar, first, beat the egg whites to the soft peak stage, then begin adding the sugar, about 2 tablespoons at a time, beating until the whites are stiff and glossy.